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Trade & Logistics

We help British businesses deliver great service to international customers all over the world (and we’ve been doing it since 1942)


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Health & Safety

We believe it’s time to simplify the burdensome bureaucracy of health and safety. We’re here to give businesses the simple tools they need to create a safer and healthier working environment for their employees to thrive in.


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We believe every care organisation in Britain has the desire to give the best care your team can for the people you look after –  and we’re there to support each one in getting there.


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Human Resources

Information and tools to learn about, plan, act, monitor and optimise your Human Resources initiatives


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A comprehensive knowledge and resource platform that enables professionals to stay ahead of change that’s continually happening in their industry, with legislation, trends and best practice. For all professionals working within legal, compliance and regulated  frameworks. 

It helps you be confident and create credibility in every decision you take by combining the knowledge of subject-matter experts with smart tools, simplifying complex rules and regulations helping you work smarter and faster.

“We use your product as the foundation stone for all of our policies (which drive our service delivery) with confidence in a market that is beset with regulation and where being 'wrong' is not an option.”

Adrian Needham - Executive Office, LWP Homes

“The service provided is one that I find invaluable in my role as a stand-alone HR Advisor.  Having customisable template policies and documents available within a couple of "clicks of a mouse button" saves me valuable time.  The support and advice from the Call or Email an Advisor facility is exemplary and I highly recommend.”  

Andrea Mullen HR Adviser

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