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Croner-i: UK-US sales trends

Posted by Croner-i team on 12-Jun-2017 16:29:03

According to the report by US Census Bureau (www.census.gov), in 2015 the UK ranked as No. 7 supplier to the USA (2.6% market share), but was USA’s No. 5 purchaser, buying 3.8% of US exports.

Strong or Growing Export Sectors

Important barometers for UK sales trends during 2015 over 2014 were vehicles at over £7 billion, up from £4.22 billion, and precision instruments, up to £2.4 billion from £2.26 billion. Precious stones and metals reduced from £1.5 billion to £1 billion, while works of art and antiques grew to over £3.5 billion from £2.6 billion.

Blood sera for immunisation and medical use grew by £2 billion from £1.05 billion to about £3 billion, part of the pharmaceutical total which grew from £4.2 billion to £7.6 billion.

Most other product groups show relatively constant export sales from the UK, in volume if not inflation-adjusted revenue. Drinks, code 22 remained unchanged at £4 billion. Code 2933 heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen has shown falling sales over this period, from £1061 million in 2010 to £336 million in 2012 and £270 million in 2015. These are used in drugs, pesticides, dyes and plastics.

The US buys almost every commodity from Britain other than foods constrained by FDA rules. For this reason, food exports do not reach the top 100 codes, other than fish and molluscs, with a record value of £176 million in 2012. 

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