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Meet our Making Tax Digital Panel of Experts

Posted by Wolters Kluwer News on 09-May-2017 10:44:15

Over the coming months you will be hearing from many of our Making Tax Digital experts. We thought you might be interested in finding out a bit more about them and what they contribute to our MTD strategies and planning.


Claire Carter – Managing Director, Tax & Accounting UK

claire-carter[1].jpgClaire joined Wolters Kluwer in 2015 with over 20 years’ experience as a senior executive in retail banking, personal finance and cloud/desktop software industry. Claire is leading the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting team through this transitional period from on premise to cloud tax, accounting and audit software. Her passion for technology innovations and service delivery will ensure, as we prepare for Making Tax digital, that we commit and deliver the products and services our clients need to advance both their own practices as well as their clients’ businesses.



Wendy Rowe – Head of Commercial, Tax & Accounting UK

WK_Wendy_Rowe-1.jpgWendy has spent over 20 years working in the tax and accountancy software business. Previously working in practice owning a client portfolio and supporting software in practice – she has never forgotten her roots. Wendy has led our products through technology change and major compliance changes, such as Self-Assessment. Strategy is her passion as she has always been interested in how a business strategy can evolve through its customers and people. This has been critical in developing how Wendy views her role in Tax & Accounting software product management, translating our customers’ needs to provide software that solves pain points and delivers new opportunities. Wendy understands the challenges that accountants will face in the future and leading our product vision in Wolters Kluwer has led her to develop the new product strategies that we see unfolding today.




Phil Thornton – Product Manager Making Tax Digital, Tax & Accounting UK

078abb3 (1)-130078-edited.jpgPhil has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the accountancy sector and having previously worked in-house as an accountant before moving into the world of commercial and product management. As Product Manager, Phil is responsible for bringing our Making Tax Digital strategy  to market, ensuring our solutions are based on the needs of our customers and all of their clients. In addition, he is our Making Tax Digital ambassador – both internally and externally. Phil believes that Making Tax Digital, while a major change to tax compliance, brings with it many opportunities for our advisors. Phil’s purview is to understand what those opportunities look like, deliver solutions to support this and work with our advisors to bring this to life within their practice and with their clients.





Natasha Kobrak – Product Owner CCH OneClick, Tax & Accounting UK

WK_Natasha_Kobrak-2.jpgNatasha came to Wolters Kluwer from Xchanging where she was Product Director in their Procurement division. She has spent the last 13 years working in Cloud Product Management and her experience spans Product Development, Product Marketing, Launch Management and Product Strategy for a range of Online Enterprise solutions. At Wolters Kluwer she is responsible for seeing through the development of the online product portfolio. Natasha considers the key requirement for digital tax software will be around the collecting of information. Offering user-friendly software that allows practices and their clients to easily submit their data will significantly reduce the pressure around the Making Tax Digital initiative.





Kevin Renshaw – Chief Technology Officer, Tax & Accounting UK

WK_Kevin_Renshaw-Crop-194207-edited.jpgKevin has 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, working with global businesses to define technology strategy and delivering enterprise products and services across the private and public sector. Kevin joined Wolters Kluwer from Capita where he was responsible for the development of all new cloud products and services within the IT Enterprise Services business.





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