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Duty of care for business waste

Posted by Croner-i team on 05-Sep-2017 15:09:32

The Waste Duty of Care is an important statutory duty applicable to any organisation which produces, stores, transports, treats or disposes of waste. All organisations must ensure that they properly manage and store their waste, and pass it on to an authorised person (normally a registered waste carrier) for appropriate treatment or disposal.

Whenever waste is transferred from one person or organisation to another, eg a business to a waste carrier, then a waste transfer note (WTN) must be completed and signed by both parties before the waste leaves the premises.

The following information must be included on the WTN.

    • Accurate description of the waste, including the six-digit EWC code.
    • Quantity of waste (approximate tonnage is adequate if there is no access to a weighbridge).
    • A description of whether the waste is loose or in a container (and the type of container, if applicable).
    • Time and place of transfer.
    • Name and address of the transferor (producer) and transferee (carrier).
    • Whether the transferor is the producer or importer of the waste.
    • Categories into which the transferor and transferee fall, eg: waste produces, waste collection authority, registered carrier
    • Additional information, ie for an environmental permit holder, the permit number and name of the permitting authority, and for a registered carrier, the registration number.
    • Reasons for any exemption from permitting (and certificate for exemption).
    • Name and address of any broker involved in the waste transfer.

The Waste Transfer Note is available for you to download. Copies of this form must be kept by both parties for two years from the date of the transfer. A copy of the transfer note must be made available to the environment agencies or waste collection authorities if requested.

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