Why moving your practice accounts to the cloud with an integrated solution will boost your bottom line

Manual data entry, getting paid on time and too much time spent on producing practice accounts are common culprits of wasted time in practices.

Moving your practice accounts to the cloud with an integrated solution is a move that will set you apart from the rest. How? Unlocked time, more productive services, more time with your clients, adding real value.

Whether you are unlocking time to secure new services or clients or looking to improve your cashflow, it’s an opportunity to look at your practice accounts process.

Moving to the cloud means streamlining and digitalising key processes to unlock dead billable time, as well as integration, consolidation and access from any device.

Maximising efficiency with Twinfield from Wolters Kluwer

In this article find out:

  • how manual data entry and practice accounts could be holding your practice back
  • why you should move to a cloud accounting solution today
  • the benefits of working in the cloud
  • and, how to make the most of an integrated suite.

This is a must read for any practice looking to streamline their practice accounts and create a full online approval workstream with no manual intervention needed.

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