Optimising the compliance lifecycle: How to let your practice software do the heavy lifting

The industry is changing. Many accountants are needing to review how they handle compliance work and identify opportunities to improve efficiency. Compliance has become a tick-in-the-box commodity, rather than a service. Leveraging digital technology will be the difference to staying ahead of the competition.

Successful firms and practices are regularly putting their compliance processes under the microscope to shave minutes off every job. This adds up to days, even weeks, when replicated across their portfolio of clients. This enables them to transform threats into opportunities.

In this article, Senior Product Manager for Compliance at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK, Dean Shepherd, explores ways he has seen successful accountants boost their productivity just by optimising the compliance lifecycle.

Through their experiences, you can find out:

  • How to eliminate manual data entry and re-entry
  • How to remove manual intervention and paper-based processes
  • How to adapt a paperless office space

Whether you are unlocking time to secure new services or clients or looking to improve your customer experience, this is a must read.

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