About Us

Welcome to Wolters Kluwer – a global leader in software, online knowledge and specialist services

We’re a global company providing information, software and services to tax, finance, legal and healthcare professionals and others who work in complex, compliance-driven environments.  By combining the knowledge of subject-matter experts with smart tools and technologies, our solutions enable our customers to make decisions with confidence.

The changing world of Wolters Kluwer customers 

Wolters Kluwer employs 19,000 staff in over 40 countries with world-wide revenues of over €4.2 billion (2015). Visit wolterskluwer.com to find out more about our global operations and investor relations.

Wolters Kluwer in the UK

In the UK we support more than 20,000 professionals via three Wolters Kluwer divisions:

Tax & Accounting
Our integrated software suite helps tax, accounting and audit professionals comply with legislation, manage their businesses and advise clients with speed, accuracy and efficiency.  Find out more >>

Governance, Risk & Compliance
Our broad range of solutions and expertise help legal, finance, risk and compliance professionals and small business owners better manage the many governance, risk and compliance challenges they face. Find out more >>

Every day healthcare professionals, students and researchers make important decisions on patient care and outcomes using our integrated solutions, premium content and productivity tools. Find out more >>

Note:  In the UK, the Legal and Regulatory Division of Wolters Kluwer is now owned by Croner-i Ltd.  Please visit www.croneri.co.uk for information about their products and services.

Working for Wolters Kluwer

Keen to develop your talents by working alongside the best?  We offer a great working environment, excellent growth potential and plenty of challenges!  Visit the Wolters Kluwer UK careers website for more information and details of current vacancies.

Contacting Wolters Kluwer UK

If you wish to contact us please visit wolterskluwer.co.uk/contact-us. For press enquiries, please visit our press centre page.