5 ways to make the most of CCH Central

The move to digitalisation is firmly in motion and remaining competitive is key. Moving to a centralised suite of products that make your business more efficient and differentiates your practice from your competition will enable you to grow as the market changes. CCH Central users can already reap the benefits of an integrated suite.

CCH Central is your one-stop shop for tax and accounting compliance and practice management. The suite redefines software integration delivering a complete picture of your practice and your clients, enabling you to improve the service you provide.

With that in mind, are you making the most of CCH central? Here are 5 ways you can.

Customisable home pages – the only limit is your imagination  

CCH Central allows you to set up as many customised home pages as you require, both at a practice and at a user level. The system will detect the user upon logging-in and configure their screen based on their preferences.

Home pages are live and interactive meaning they will update in real-time when a change is made elsewhere in the suite. For example, as and when employees are doing timesheets, the Aged WIP will increase, then as you produce bills, the Aged WIP will decrease and the Aged Debt increase.

What’s more, the graphs are interactive, so you can drill down into the underlying data.

Keeping track of homepages is easy, you can customise the description of each page so you can keep track of which homepage you are on and chose what you see on it. Create workflow dashboards to allow you to track the progress of a process within your practice or organisation.

Watch this video to find out how.

Faster reporting in a single location

Within the reporting module in CCH Central you can quickly create custom reports from data anywhere within your CCH Central suite. Displayed as a folder structure, you can easily select from a list of data fields within each product to build out your report.

With each field you select, the report will build out in real time. You can select from multiple products to build out powerful reports in no time.

For example, you can combine CCH Central and CCH Personal Tax data to produce reports on the number of clients you have with a specific value of tax computations within a given time.

Why stop at home pages? Customise your ribbon bar

Within CCH Central and all the integrated modules like  CCH Accounts Production or CCH Personal Tax you’ll always have an accessible ribbon bar across the top of your page. You can customise this ribbon bar to suit the way you want to work. You can right click on any ribbon bar tile to select, or deselect, as well as group-specific functions you want visible on the page.

What’s more, you can add or remove different tabs again by right-clicking on the tab and configuring using the tab chooser feature. The feature also allows you to change the order in which the tabs appear on your page view.

Information at your fingertips

Within CCH Central you can access all the information you require about your client.

Information is separated out into various tabs including both information within the CCH Central database as well as information from other Wolters Kluwer software you may be using like CCH Accounts Production, CCH Personal Tax or CCH Document Management.

Under Assignments you can see all the services you provide to your clients and, if you have CCH Practice Management, you can see a list of the WIP balances from your staff’s timesheets.

If you have CCH Document Management or CCH OneClick you’ll be able to both save or directly access any document within your client’s record or visit the message centre to see all the direct communication from your practice to your client.

Automate with the CCH Central Workflow tool

CCH Central Workflow is the functionality which manages, monitors and progresses your practice’s deadlines. It has an efficient and standardised approach, involving key automated steps, complete reporting and business process monitoring.

This cross-suite tool gives you improved transparency, fast reaction time and automates repetitive processes. It can be used to track any type of milestone such as compliance activities, as well as specific administration deadlines for your practice

Simply decide on the workflows that you wish to monitor. The workflows will then be applied to the relevant clients and homepages can be setup for each user, so they can progress and use the workflows.

For more information about CCH Central, click here or email cchsoftware@wolterskluwer.co.uk.  

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